Festival Cuties

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This weekend I went to the Cotton District Arts Festival and these two puppies made my day. Clementine belongs to my roommate Dawn.  Booger belongs to Jason...

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I’m an Indie Business Graduate!

Link to I’m an Indie Business Graduate!

I really loved Indie Biz and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in crafting for profit.   Our teachers were very talented and helpful people and it was fun networking with the other Indie Biz...

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Poor June

April 18, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Bless her heart.  On Wednesday morning June had surgery.  Ben picked her up from the vet yesterday.  She hates this collar, hates her pills and hates not being able to play.  Look at her little leg all shaved and stapled.  It breaks my heart to see her sad face.

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Before & After: Thrift Store Shelf

Link to Before & After: Thrift Store Shelf

When I saw this little shelf at the thrift store I got really excited.  I love fun thrift store furniture but I do not like faux wood pressed board or anything brown for the most part.  So I painted it Pistachio.  It took about 2 cans of spray paint because I maybe should have sanded it better but I am happy with the result. A little paint really helps sometimes.

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Oh I want this…

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Link to Oh I want this…

I need to add this Japanese Doily Pattern stamp to my stamp collection.  Geninne from Geninne's Art Blog carved her doily stamp herself.  She is so crafty, check out her...

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We have a hammock!

April 12, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Last week Ben and I received a wedding present and it is my favorite gift thus far other than our teapot.  I love our hammock so much that I think about it while I'm at work.  Earlier today I made a plan that included June and Zoe (our dogs), Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager, my backyard, Ben and our hammock.  So this Monday hasn't been half bad. We hung our hammock over our little creek.  So if you fall out, you get wet.  I think it is more...

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Backyard Wildflowers

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Today is such a pretty day and I am so glad it is Friday.  On my lunch break, I just had to sit outside in the sun.  Recently these beautiful wildflowers have made my backyard so pretty.  I love wildflowers.


I hope everyone has a wonderful...

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DIY Upcycled Notebooks

April 8, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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Link to DIY Upcycled Notebooks

Recently I have been into making small notebooks.  They are perfect for writing down quick lists or random ideas.  I keep the one I made for myself in my purse at all times.  Let me know what you think.

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Urban Outfitters Print Shop

Link to Urban Outfitters Print Shop

Urban Outfitters teamed up with Society6 to open their new Print Shop.  Not only can you get amazing prints from Society6's international artist community but you can also get skins for your iPhone or laptop.  Like I really need another reason to stalk Urban Outfitters. I think this most...

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DIY Tags

April 7, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Link to DIY Tags

My friend Chris has recently started brewing beer.  Last night he asked me to make him some tags for the beer bottles.   So last night while watching Lost, Nikki and I made these tags from scrapbook paper.

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